AutoTel Unboxing

AutoTel Analysis (Work-in-Progress)


  1. Geocode adresses using Google Maps API - DONE
  2. Calculate distances using Mapbox Direction API - Started (Not good, maybe try Google Directions API)
  3. Find too short distances (depends on latter)
  4. Geocode designated parking spaces and mark on map
  5. Create holoviews map with date and time sliders, distance and minute show somehow

BIG TODO: somehow host or embed HoloViews+Bokeh dynamic maps

In [4]:
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import holoviews as hv
#import qgrid
import seaborn as sns

%matplotlib inline

hv.extension('bokeh', width="100")
%opts Curve [width=600 height=250 tools=['hover'] ] {+framewise} VLine (color="black")
%opts Bars  [width=800 height=400 tools=['hover'] group_index=1 legend_position='top_left' xrotation=90]
%opts HeatMap [radial=True width=800 height=800 tools=["hover"]]